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Bit API Hub - Making Lives Easier

Our Mission

Companies, like yours, exist to make life easier for their customers, and they often forget to make their own life easier, all the while losing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The worst part is that they don't even realize they're losing any money.

Just to make sure you fully understand the severity of the situation.. Your company is losing upwards of $100,000 each year, and you don't even know it. So, what's causing such a large loss? Your web API connectivity is not optimized, and for a company who makes millions of API calls each month, that's a very dangerous situation.

Bit API Hub's mission is to solve this major catastrophe by providing a dedicated, optimized API call server infrastructure for your company. The more APIs you integrate with your system, the more money you'll save each year. We don't just optimize your technology infrastructure; we also optimize your development cycle.


October 2014
API engine concept idea discussed; work commences
March 2015
Bit API Hub accepted into the Small Business Accelerator program; In touch with multiple business advisors
May 2015
Alpha API engine ready; Private alpha testing begins
July 2015
After discussing the future of the company with the accelerator team, Bit API Hub decided to change into a different type of company, and use the API Optimization engine for it's own services. The company will specialize in artificial intelligence and use the AOE engine for connectivity. The AOE engine became open source software.

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