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// Set your request
$request = array(
	"api"		=> "blockchain",
	"api-call"	=> "getdifficulty"

// ...and now call your API with only one line of code.
$response = $api->Call($request);

Optimize your API connectivity

and save over $100,000 each year

Free Optimization PDF

Do you integrate more than 50 web APIs into your products? If you just answered yes, your company may be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, and you don't even realize it. This free API connectivity optimization guide will teach you the top 10 techniques you must know to improve your company's financial, and technological performance.

The 7 Benefits Bestowed Upon You by the Top 10 Optimization Techniques

  • Benefit 1: Save over $100,000

    Learn how you can save more money with every API you integrate.

  • Benefit 2: Simplify the development process

    These techniques don't just teach you how to optimize your infrastructure; they teach you how to simplify your team's development time down from days to only an hour.

  • Benefit 3: Save bandwidth

    Not every API call needs to reach the remote server. You heard that right. You're making long-distance calls when you can get the data instantly right from your own backyard.

  • Benefit 4: You only need to know one format, yours

    Web APIs speak in all kinds of different formats with the most popular ones being JSON and XML. Learn how to speak the same format to every API you're using, even if the API doesn't speak that format natively.

  • Benefit 5: You don't have to wait

    Run multiple calls without waiting. Every call you make to an API server causes your system to wait for a period of time to get the reply. There's a way that you don't have to wait for every reply, and you'll learn how in the PDF.

  • Benefit 6: Ignore the security measures

    Most web APIs have a layer of security to allow you to log into your account. Well, you already know your credentials, and authorizing to that server repeatedly is a waste of your time and money. The PDF will teach you how to dispatch with the security measures without the use of an SDK, so you only need to write the request for the data you need.

  • Benefit 7: Write shorter requests

    Instead of writing that 50 line monster of a request, simplify it to only a couple lines. Want an example? Check out the syntax in the header. The PDF will teach you how to shorten all of your requests to that format.

  • Bonus Benefit: You don't have to do it alone

    You'll also receive a free copy of "The New Frontier in Web API Programming," the book that walks you step by step through the process of optimizing your infrastructure.

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Key Features

One-Line Access

Access your APIs with just one line of code.

Data Calls

Use Data Calls to batch process multiple calls at once to save coding time and bandwidth.

Parallel Calls

Your calls are always processed in parallel for the fastest possible response time. If you don't need the response from the remote server, your response is even faster.

Single File SDK

The single file SDK only contains a few hundred lines of code, and makes for a quick and easy integration.

One Key

Store all of your keys on the API Optimization Engine's keyring, and just use one API key to connect to your API Call Server.

Caching Engine

Don't make unnecessary calls to the your chosen API. The caching engine will store frequent requests to further speed up your response times.


Your copy of the API Optimization engine lives in your cloud on a private IP address. That means that no one may directly contact your API call server directly.


See what APIs are throwing errors so you can quickly repair the issue.

Single Format

No matter what format the remote API speaks, the engine will always return your result in JSON or XML. Use what's easiest for you!


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